Participants of "Silent Solidarity" Raised $2.1 Thousands to Pay off Fines

28.06.2011 11:26

The initiators of the silent solidarity action organized fund-raising to pay off fines of the previous actions' detainees. It was listed Br10.86 million (more than $2.1 thousand) to the account of organizers of the online community "Revolution through the social network" within four days.

According to the organizers, Br7 million has already been handed over for payment of fines. Another Br1.38 million has been cashed and sent to the payment of fines in the regions.

The remaining amount is still in the bank and soon will also be handed in for penalties.

As Telegraf previously reported, there were detained about 500 people during an unsanctioned rally of silent solidarity, held all over Belarus on June 22. Most of them were released without a report drawn up.

However, 33 «most active participant of the events» in Minsk were fined for disorderly conduct. They have to pay Br70 thousand to Br1.05 million of penalties.