Parting with Pavlov is held in Minsk

08.06.2010 14:27

On June, 8th parting with Mikhail Pavlov, the former Minsk mayor, who died on June, 6th at the age of 58, is held in Minsk district House of Officers from 11:00 till 13:00. After the parting ceremony the coffin with the body of the former chairman of Minsk city executive committee will be transported in the Mercy House. Mikhail Pavlov will be buried after midday on Uschodnija (Maskouskija) cemetery of Minsk.

Mikhail Pavlov managed Minsk city executive committee from March 2000 till June, 2009. Minsk cardinally changed during his mayorship. In 2000 there were no buildings which now are considered to be the trademarks of Minsk. They are, for example, new building of the National library, new railway station, football arena and the others, » Bielaruskija naviny» informs.

Minsk before and after Pavlov

Before being appointed the head of Minsk city executive committee, Mikhail Pavlov held a similar post in Baranovichi. In 2001, summing up the first year of his work, he noticed that problems in a small city, as a matter of fact, don’t differ from problems of a capital. Only the scale differs. He informed immediately that he would apply «the system approach to solve the problems of the city».

In 2001 the central part of the city, including part of the Independence avenue from the Kastrycnickaja Square to Kazlova street and Jakub Kolas Square was reconstructed. In 2002 installation of the last arch of covered football arena was finished in Minsk. Same year Minsk city executive committee intended to reconstruct the theatre of Janka Kupala, but the project was postponed for many times. Probably, work will start this year.

In 2003 the updated «Centralny» cinema, which was repaired since May, 2001, was opened. Later shabby «Belarus» cinema was replaced by the modern multiplex, «Partyzan» became the House of Cinema, and unpopular «Kiev» became the first 3D-cinema in the country.

On December, 30th, 2003 the second part of the railway station was opened. The first was put in operation two years earlier. It included the main lobby, cash desks, waiting rooms, left-luggage offices, subway to trains and underground tunnel with exit on Pryvakzalnaja Square.

During the mayorship of Mikhail Pavlov in the beginning of 2004 the builders started to change cardinally the general view of the Independence square. Building of the underground trading-entertaining centre «Stalica» was started. In October, 2005 a parking was placed in operation. The first buyers came into «Stalica» in the beginning of 2007. The first hypermarket in the country, called «Gippo», was constructed in Minsk on Rakasouski avenue in 2005.

On november, 7th, 2005 President Alexander Lukashenko opened three new stations in the western direction of Autazavodskaja line of Minsk underground. They were «Spartyunaja», «Kuncauscyna» and «Kamiennaja Horka». At the same time works on the Maskouskaja line towards Urucca were continued and preparation for tunnel lining on the Southwest was started.

Only four years ago hot water was disconnected for a month in Minsk

In 2006 the new building of National library was opened in Minsk. In the same year one more large-scale project was started, i.e. Opera and Ballet Theatre reconstruction started. Almost three years the theatre troupe wandered on tours and another’s scenes, having returned to the updated building in the beginning of 2009.

Also this year very pleasant event for Minsk citizens happened. Mayor Mikhail Pavlov said that Minsk citizens shouldn’t bear discomfort for the long period, because of carrying out repairs work on thermal networks. Since 2006 hot water started to be disconnected for no more than two weeks. People lived earlier without hot water for a month.

In 2007 Minsk mayor fined by a way warden, because Mikhail Pavlov and his car driver went not being belted up. Vladimir Naumov, Minister of Internal Affairs of that time, said that the head of Minsk Executive Commitee had no claims for the way warden.

Also this year the Minsk underground became longer once again. On November, 7th two new stations of the Maskouskaja line, called «Urucca» and «Barysauski trakt» were solemnly opened. In the beginning of September the five-stars «Europe» hotel was opened, then «Victoria» and Crowne Plaza Minsk were constructed.

Pavlov’s illness was diagnosed as brain tumor

In April, 2008 fundamental reconstruction of the building of the Belarusian state circus, which had became city property by this time, started. And 23-kilometre bicycle lane was constructed along the Svislach.

In the end of the year a red ribbon on the next sports object was cut. The first opened object of the cultural-sports complex «Minsk-arena» was a velodrome. And it was the end of 2009, when «Minsk-arena» was finally opened. However the seriously ill mayor was absent at the opening. The city authorities were represented by Nikolay Ladutko, the acting chairman of Minsk city executive committee.

However, post factum Mikhail Pavlov was decorated with the Order of Fatherland of the Third Class for his contribution to building «Minsk-arena». Besides, to Pavlov was awarded with the rank of the honourable citizen of Minsk.

April, 6th, 2009, Mikhail Pavlov has felt strong headaches at a job, and he was taken to hospital. The doctors identified brain tumour. As Telegraf informed, Mikhail Pavlov underwent two surgeries. The first surgery, after which the former mayor of Minsk had post-discharge adjustment outside Belarus, was performed in April of the last year.

The decision to perform the second surgery was taken in September, 2009, after Mikhail Pavlov’s decline. Mikhail Pavlov was released from office of the head of Minsk city executive committee on June 10, 2009.