Patient Hijacked Ambulance Car in Zaslawye

12.07.2010 11:13
Архив Редакция

A man hijacked an ambulance car after the physicians had helped him. The patient went to hospital by the hijacked car, however the duty detail detained him in some minutes after the incident.

Casual passers-by saw the blood-stained person at a public transport stop. They immediately informed the doctors on it. Having arrived, the physicians found a plastered man with bruises and grazes. Having treated the wounds, the doctor applied a bandage to the patient. He asked the man to wait for him, while he and the driver were buying something in a booth, «Sovetskaya Byelorussiya» informs.

However the man refused to wait for the doctor. He got into the driving seat to come faster to hospital. As he said, the reason of hijacking was that «doctors treated him slowly and didn’t hurry to take him to hospital».

The malefactor was detained soon by the duty detail. «The message on hijacking was received at 18:37», Andrei Sobolev, the chief of Zaslawye security department, emphasized. He said, that «at 18:45 one of the security officers informed, that he had seen an ambulance car stopped at the checkpoint and a redressed-headed man, who had left the car». The man will be charged for the ambulance car hijacking.