Patients of Tuberculosis Hospital Stopped Hunger-Strike

29.06.2010 11:47

Patients of Republican tuberculosis hospital "Vouchkavichy" of Dzyarzhynsk Raion of Minsk Voblast, who are kept in the medical institution on compulsory treatment on judgement of court, stopped almost a weeklong hunger-strike in protest against maintenance conditions. Oleg Shkor, one of the patients, said about it.

According to the lungers, beating of the hospital patients by the employees of security department was an occasion to hunger-strike, the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty informs.

According to the participants of the protest action, the employees of security department beat some persons. Two of them, Anatoly Shevelchinski and Mikhail Prishchits, were held within a day in a cold cell without water and meal. In protest Anatoly Shevelchinsky cut his stomach, and Mikhail Prishchits cut his throat.

22 patients of hospital participated in hunger-strike. They addressed to the public prosecutor of Minsk Voblast, demanding to inspect and make accountable the policemen who guilty of beating of patients, Oleg Shkor said. On June, 25th the employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Deputy Minister of public health services, and also the representatives of committee of public health services of Minsk Voblast Executive Committee arrived to the hospital.

«The public prosecutor of Dzyarzhynsk arrived on Friday. The head of the security department of Dzyarzhynsk and the representatives of Minsk department arrived on Saturday. They proposed us a compromise. They said that they could initiate a criminal case against two persons. But we demanded, so that nobody could beat us», Oleg Shkor informed.

According to the patient, chief of Dzyarzhynsk police, that he would find out the names of the policemen who worked then. He promised to punish them and to inform the victims on how the guilty were punished.

Besides, patients of the hospital hope that mobile shop will start to come to them in the near future, and they will get possibility to buy sanitary articles there. The patients, who almost have no mobile phones, hope that the phone will be more accessible, and above all, they hope that beating of patients will be stopped.

As Telegraf informed, the doctor of the tuberculosis hospital Nadezhda Tyukhai considers that the complaints of the patients «in many respects aren’t proved». According to Nadezhda Tyukhai, the security interferes in the affairs of the patients only on call of the medical workers. The security applies force only in cases when there is a threat of life of the employees or patients, especially at fights.