Poland Decided Not to Respond to Lukashenko's Statements

28.01.2011 15:49
Архив Редакция

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland would not comment on the recent statements by President Alexander Lukashenko, in which he said that "Poland wants to grab half of Belarus." This was reported by press secretary of the Polish Foreign Minister Martin Bosatski. 

«We will not comment and respond to clues of Mr. Lukashenko, who’s been recently voicing them every couple of days,» said a spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry on air TVN24.

«It’s pointless to say that we want to change any boundaries,» said Martin Bosatski, «European Radio for Belarus.»

As Telegraf previously reported, Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on January 27, accused Poland of the attempt to connect half of Belarus to its territory. «Some people in Poland are now dreaming: the border is not there. The boundary is near Minsk. Stalin marked the frontier in a wrong place,» said President of Belarus.