Poland Promises EU Money to Belarus after Fair Elections

19.11.2010 11:12

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said at a meeting with presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu on November 18 that in  case of fair elections in the country, Poland is ready to "become a conduit of the Belarusian interests in Europe, not only in politics but also in measuring, for the economic situation in Belarus  is known as cheerless."

He also said that Poland would help Belarus, regardless of the presidential election’s winner. «I want Belarus to know that Poland feels solidarity with the Belarusian people,» Radoslaw Sikorski said, the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty» reports.

According to the Foreign Minister of Poland, his country, being the nearest neighbor of Belarus, is concerned about the quality of elections in the country and is interested in a high level of compliance of electoral processes with European standards. «Unfortunately, much of what I know indicates a low level of democracy in the upcoming elections, but, nevertheless, there is still time to change something and let foreign observers witness the changes, happened for the better in the country,» he said, the website of the civil campaign «Tell the truth!».

Europe doesn’t Recognize Undemocratic Elections in Belarus, Niakliaeu

In turn, Vladimir Niakliaeu denied statements by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite that the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is the only strong candidate, capable of ensuring the independence of the country. «I know that this is not true in reality and would like to get this information to the European community,» the candidate said.

«Both meetings with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and with Pan Sikorski carry an extremely important message for Belarus: non-democratic elections in Belarus will not be recognized. It is a milestone for us because real people’s fates depend on this decision. I thank Poland and the EU for their support again,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said.

According to him, Radoslaw Sikorski also promised to provide support to Belarusian civil society, both before and after the elections.

Lukashenko Seeks Controlled Democracy, Poland

The presidential candidate also met with the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Seim Andrzej Galicia. The sides discussed prospects of the EU’s election monitoring in Belarus and the primary objectives of Belarus on the way to Europe.

«We understand that Lukashenko is seeking a controlled democracy, and recognize that it will prevent the country from development. Power usurpation of the right to the votes counting  will neutralize even the slightest success at the very start of the run for office,» the deputy said.

He also noted, that the Belarusian top priority is its return to the Council of Europe and full cooperation in the framework of the «Eastern Partnership». «At present, Belarus participates miserly in «Eastern Partnership» project. Meanwhile, the potential for cooperation is huge, but lack of a number of policy decisions makes Belarusian economy suffer: we end up with what is called a «short-received profit,» Andrzej Galicia said.