Polish Pan-slavists Opposed Immoral Attitude towards Lukashenko

09.03.2011 11:20
Архив Редакция

Polish party "Slavic Union" adopted a resolution at the second congress, held in Chosnov on March 5, thus expressing objection "against immoral rules in respect of the legitimately elected President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko." "We believe that through his activities, Alexander Lukashenko, has achieved well-deserved reputation not only of the Belarusian people, but throughout the Slavic world," the party said in a statement. 

Delegates to the Congress also congratulated the Belarusian leader on his election and wished him success, as well as growth and prosperity for the Belarusian people, BelTA informs.

Chairman of «Slavic Union» Wlodzimierz Rynkovsky, as well as chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko, chairman of the International Union of public associations «Slavic Cathedral» Kikeshev Nikolai, chairman of «Kievan Rus» Pavel Baulin, chairman of the Confederation of Labour of Ukraine Vladimir Marchenko and also chairman of the Czech-Moravian Slavic Union Zdenek Opatril signed the resolution.

In their speeches, politicians and public figures expressed solidarity with the ongoing policy of Alexander Lukashenko and also condemned the West for imposing sanctions on the Belarusian authorities.