Power Stole Money to Overcome Crisis, Niakliaeu

20.06.2011 12:11

Vladimir Niakliaeu, the leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth!" and the former presidential candidate, said one "should hit power on the head" to overcome the economic crisis. "The bureaucracy has stolen three times more than we need to stabilize or, in any case, to solve the problem of the monetary crisis," the politician said, referring to the calculations of economists.

«There goes an attempt to save themselves, to save power; no one makes any real steps towards real reforms. Play for self-preservation,» said Vladimir Niakliaeu, reports «European Radio for Belarus.»

However, the former candidate said that one should «talk with an opponent, even if the latter threatens with a club.» «The public strongly suggests a dialogue. The so-called «revolution through social networks,» Belarus young people came up with, is also some kind of a dialogue. The youth came to the square to applaud. And what was the reaction of government? Detentions with beating again … That’s the dialogue. We’ll fight against them, whatever batons they use, until the situation is changed,»- he stressed.

Let Lukashenko Ask SWAT to Hit him on Head, Niakliaeu

«Let Lukashenko (it’s easy for him) call special forces, those guys with batons,and ask them to hit on his head, as it happened to me, and then we shall see, what blanket he will hide under or he will probably run to his residence, as if nothing happened, to rule the country and seek $1 trillion to build our new happy society » said the politician.

«I will bear the rhetoric cynicism against me. But what about those guys, political prisoners, jailed by him, and their families, unable to visit them in prisons, and people like Bulanov, being under threat of death. Having such a disease, he could die in this prison, he needs medical treatment, so let him think about it. Let him ask forgiveness of those people, the Belarusian people and the whole Belarus, the best children of which are beaten with batons, but he scoffs at this cynically,» said Vladimir Niakliaeu.

As Telegraf previously reported, June 17, Alexander Lukashenko said at a press conference that the country had «no political prisoners, we do not even have such an article.» «We don’t need them in our prisons, the country no longer needs them. One of those (Alexander Lukashenko meant the ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu — Telegraf) was among those at the square. And where were you when sending the people to the assault, why were you lying under a blanket in hospital?» asked Alexander Lukashenko.

Traffic police, witnessing in the trial against the politician, said that the column of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu was attacked by special police officers on December 19. However, the witnesses were unable to specify what special units the attackers belonged to.