Prisoners' Relatives Called on Putin to Stop Reprisal Started by Lukashenko

14.03.2011 15:35
Архив Редакция

Relatives of opposition prisoners appealed to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on March 14 under the initiative "Vyzvalenne" to help release their family members. "The whole world hopes for you to stop reprisal of political opponents, arranged by Lukashenko, as well as to make him respect basic human rights," they said. 

«Today the whole world, including Russia, has condemned the political arbitrariness and lawlessness of the Belarusian authorities. We intend to visit Minsk on March 15. Meeting with Alexander Lukashenko is not excluded as part of this visit. As a political leader of a great country, we urge you to take concrete steps to contribute to the release of the Belarusian political prisoners,» noted «Vyzvalenne» members.

According to the prisoners’ relatives, Vladimir Putin may intervene in the situation in Belarus in order to «save lives and to confirm that Russia is really friendly to us and can’t remain impartial to the tyranny and lawlessness in Belarus,» BelaPAN.

As reported by Olga Bondarenko, the wife of trustee of ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, the corresponding letter was submitted to the Russian embassy on March 14. Secretary of the Embassy, Vadim Gusev, confirmed this fact. «Literally, it has just been handed to our office. We’ll report to the ambassador afterwards; he’ll look into it and give further guidance,» the diplomat noted.

A month ago, according to Telegraf, relatives of defendants in the case of the riots wrote a letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Wives of arrested Dmitry Bondarenko, Ales Michalevic and Nikolai Statkevich handed over their appeal to the Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov, whom they met with on February 10.