13.04.2011 12:13

Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved reported on the arrest of two suspects of an explosion in Minsk subway on Wednesday, April 13. One of the detainees is a most probable perpetrator of the terrorist act. "This is confirmed by his own testimony and records of CCTV cameras," said Andrei Shved, who heads the investigation into the case.

According to the Deputy Attorney General, the two suspects are the people of voblast centers. One of the detainees was born in 1986, RIA «Novosti» news agency.

Andrei Shved has also said that the video clearly shows how the suspect arrives at «Kupalauskaya» station with a big black bag, goes to the station «Kastrychnitskaya,» leaves the bag, moves to a safe distance and makes some manipulations in the pocket.

Andrei Shved notes that investigation is currently examining the involvement of detainees in the bombings in Vitsebsk in 2005 and in Minsk in 2008. «This follows from their testimony, but it must be checked,» he said.

Forums Discussing Video, Cut from Records in Subway Cameras

Meanwhile, one of the forum users Onliner.by, registered under the name Lexter Dubelmann, claims that he was able to watch a ten-minute movie, cut from the records of CCTV cameras in the subway, which fixed the way of the terrorist to «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station.

According to him, the video shows a man with a huge and a seemingly heavy bag, entering the first carriage of a train at «Frunzenskaya» station, getting off the train at «Kupalauskaya» station, passing through the tunnel to «Kastrychnitskaya» station, having finally stopped at the first column of the escalator leading back to «Kupalauskaya» station. According to the forum attendee, the man seemed to deliberately turn away from the cameras. Having waited for the train to leave and the crowd on the platform to slightly decline, the man headed toward the bench, targeted for explosion.

«He has been out of sight for some time and then has again appeared on the stairs, leading to the tunnel «Kupalauskaya.» «He left the bag under the bench during these moments. Unfortunately, there was no camera directly on the site of the explosion, but the camera has well tracked the time until the monster reached the tunnel. Not coming inside the tunnel, he was waiting for a train, watching the scene from above,» wrote the forum user.

The train had arrived at the station, the man, according to the forum user, turned his back to the surveillance camera and pulled something out of his pocket, which was immediately followed by explosion. After that, the video, being allegedly watched by the forum user, shows the man being up the escalator toward the Youth Theatre and out of the subway.

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