Rains and Thunderstorms to Be in Belarus Next Two Days, Weather Forecasters

28.07.2010 16:07
Архив Редакция

According to the Republican hydro meteorological center, next two days the weather in Belarus will be determined by contrasting atmospheric front. The experts predict rains (heavy rains in some places) and thunderstorms. "On Wednesday, July 28, it is expected to be partly cloudy. On most part of the territory there will be intermittent rains, thunderstorms. Heavy rains and hail to be in some areas", the experts reported.

«The wind is southern, south-eastern moderate, strong and gusty when thunderstorms,. Maximum temperature will range from +22 ° C in the south-west to +34 ° C in the north-east of the country», Belhydrometcenter informs.

On Thursday, July 29, on most part of Belarus’ territory there expected showers. «At night, there are thunderstorms on the north-eastern part, heavy rains in some areas».

There expected thunderstorms in the Republic at daytime. The wind is southern moderate, gusty in some districts, at night, there is squally strong winds when thunderstorms. Air temperatures at night is +15 .. +22 ° C, +12 .. +14 ° C in the west, +20 .. +27 ° C in the afternoon», reads the statement of Belhydromet.

On Friday and Saturday, July 30 and 31, the weather in the country will be determined by anticyclone, moving from Ukraine to eastern regions of Belarus. «The weather will improve. It is expected mostly without precipitations, only at night on July 30, in some places of Vitebsk region, and in the afternoon, July 31, showers and thunderstorms to be in north-western districts of the country. Air temperature at night is +12 .. +17 ° C, +23 .. +29 ° C at daytime. On July 30, in southern districts, and on July 31, on south-eastern part there to be hot again — up to +30 .. +33 ° C «, weather forecasters noted.

Storm warning declared in Belarus

At night on July 29, according to information of Belhydromet, mostly on the north-eastern part of the Republic, when thunderstorms there expected squally strong wind’s gusts up to 15-22 m/s, sometimes up to 24 m/s, and heavy rains in some places.