Real Incomes of Belarusian Population Increase by 12%, Belstat

19.11.2010 14:26

According to preliminary data, the volume of population incomes increased by 19.6% to Br76.3 trillion ($25.4 billion) in January-September 2010 in comparison with the same period last year. Simultaneously, income per capita increased by 19.8% and by 12% in real terms. This was reported by the National Statistics Committee of Belarus. 

As it became known to Telegraf, the consumer price index for goods and services increased by 7% in January-September 2010. As a result, real incomes of the population (taking into account the consumer price index) rose by 11.8%.

The growth of population incomes was observed in all regions of the country. Citizens of Belarus received more than half of revenues (56.5%) as wages, 20.1% — population transfers (pensions, benefits, scholarships, etc.), 2.8% — profits from property, 20.6% — profits from business and other income-generating activities.

Belarusians spent 80% of their income on goods and services, and only 5.7% was kept as savings.