"Road Map of Eastern Partnership for Belarus" to be Discussed in Minsk

05.07.2010 11:55
Архив Редакция

In Minsk, today, July 5, there starts a conference of national civil society Forum "Road map of Eastern Partnership for Belarus". At the event, there will be discussed the work of the Forum "as one of the main institutional players of the EU Eastern Partnership program" as well as next steps to develop and strengthen this program in Belarus and at all-European level.

At the conference it’s also planned to discuss a number of challenges, Belarusian civil society faces to develop the Eastern Partnership: to get acquainted with done work and plans: to present and discuss various proposals of Belarusian analytical groups on the activity of civil society Forum in 2010-2012, BelaPAN informs.

The first meeting of the civil society Forum of EU Eastern Partnership was held in November of last year in Brussels. Belarusian representatives, who were selected by the European Commission, with their colleagues from other countries managed to raise institutional status of the forum. Two representatives of Belarus were elected into the Steering committee of the structure, and one of the leaders of Belarusian third sector, Sergei Matskevich, became official speaker of the forum.

The policy of Eastern Partnership, started in May 2009, presupposes political rapprochement and economic integration of the EU and six partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.