Ruble-to-Basket of Currencies Rate Almost Reached Year's Corridor Limits in Belarus

21.04.2011 12:15

April 22, the official rate of the Belarusian ruble against a basket of foreign currencies almost reached the borders of the corridor, set by the authorities for a year. The ruble-to-basket of currencies rate has fallen by 7.98% since the year's beginning despite the fact that the permitted corridor fluctuation for the year amounts to + / -8%. Thus, the annual figure has been overcome for less than four months.

According to the National Bank data, a day rate of the ruble against a basket of currencies has fallen by 0.35% to Br1.138.87. The ruble against the euro has fallen by 1.05% to Br4453.98 (12.12% down since earky year) for the same period, the Russian ruble — by 0.38% to Br108.95 (10.68%).

However, the official ruble-to-dollar has risen by 0.36% to Br3.044 million for 24 hours. Nevertheless, dollar has officially gone up by 1.47% in Belarus since the beginning of the year.