Rumors of Devaluation — Provocation and Lie, National Bank

10.03.2011 10:37
Архив Редакция

National Bank of Belarus denies reports on appreciation of the dollar up to Br3.8 thousand. According to the chief of the information department of the National Bank Anatoli Drozdov, the main bank in the country will not carry out any devaluation. The representative of the National Bank called the rumors about appreciation of the dollar a provocation and a lie. 

«Naturally, the devaluation will not happen. This is what we said last year when argueing parameters of the currency basket. There are professional provocateurs and liars, responsible for this. We won’t comment on all this nonsense and schizophrenia they’re spreading,» said Anatoli Drozdov, «European Radio for Belarus

Meanwhile, it was impossible to check exchange rates at the site of the National Bank this morning — it did not work. According to Anatoli Drozdov, the site might not work due to the large influx of people: «I believe that glitches in the site could be related to the spread of these rumors. A lot of people used the site, trying to find out if this «horror story» was true.