Rumours about Elections Scheduled for September are Lie and Slander, Guminski

15.06.2010 13:04

The Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Viktor Guminski named "lie and slander" the information of some Internet editions that on June, 16th council of the lower chamber of the parliament will consider the decision project about scheduling presidential elections of Belarus on September, 26th this year. "It doesn't agree with the facts", the deputy said.

«If you are checking me, I say fairly that in vain. And if you really heard this information, it was full lie and slander. I can tell you this frankly and fairly», Viktor Guminski stated, «Eurpean Radio for Belarus» informs.

The Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives also noticed that MPs hadn’t discussed the terms of presidential election. Besides, according to Viktor Guminski, it was not known when a document about presidential elections would be transmitted to the parliament.

MPs will schedule date of presidential election. Closing of this session of the House of Representatives of National Assembly of Belarus is scheduled on June, 30th. Viktor Guminski said, that if a document on a date of presidential election would be transmitted to the House of Representatives, MPs would easily hold an extraordinary session.

«Extraordinary sessions can also be held. There is Constitution, everything is described there. We don’t have to schedule at this very session. It can be scheduled at an extraordinary session or at a following session», the MP said.