Russia Cut off Energy Supplies to Belarus

29.06.2011 08:49

Wednesday, June 29, Inter RAO has completely stopped the electricity supply to Belarus, which failed to make another payment of RUB600 million of debt.

«22:00, Tuesday, the payment was still missing. We confirm our intention to suspend the full supply of electricity to Belarus at 00:00 Moscow time (23:00 Belarusian time) on June 29. We look forward to receiving the payment in the coming days,» a company representative reported to RIA «Novosti.»

June 9, Inter RAO restricted the electricity supply to the country due to Belarus’s debt, which amounted to RUB1.5 billion. Initially, the complete cessation of deliveries, unless the debt is paid off, was scheduled for June 22, but then it was put off till June 27.