Russia Cuts Electricity Supply to Belarus because of Debts

09.06.2011 09:56

Russia to halve the electricity supplies to Belarus because of debts. This was reported by a source in the company Inter RAO - Russian electricity exporter. "Restriction accounts for 200 MW (with 400-500 MW previously delivered in Belarus)," said the source.

«The Belarusian side, according to the data on Wednesday, June 8, transferred no funds for the Russian delivered electricity,» RIA «Novosti» news agency quoted a source in RAO company.

«Belarusian partners did not transfer money at the end of the day,» the spokesman said.

Belarus owes approximately RUB1.5 billion for electricity, supplied in March-April 2011.

In turn, Assistant Secretary of Energy of Belarus Liudmila Zenkovich assured on Wednesday that the Belarusian side intends to solve the problems with electricity supplies from Russia as soon as possible.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Russian electricity exporter RAO threatened the authorities of Belarus to reduce the amount of supplied electricity by 200 megawatts at 00:00 Moscow time on June 9 in case of non-payment of debts for electricity supplied in March-April 2011. «If the Belarusian colleagues cover the debt today, there will be no reduction of supply at all,» said a source at the company.