Russia Resumed No Oil Supplies to Belarus

24.01.2011 15:13
Архив Редакция

Belarusian oil refineries received no Russian oil in January. This was stated by Vasili Drobotov, the chief engineer of Polotsktransneft Druzhba. "They promised to resume oil supply this week, but there have been no oil so far, at least, at Naftan refinery," he said. 

Meanwhile, due to lack of contracts, the Russian company Transneft rerouted oil supplies, earmarked for Belarus, to other consumers, BelaPAN.

«We have 1.5 million tons of oil to pump. This is too much, so we can’t keep such a volume in domestic storage. It is therefore obvious that the company is going to send that oil on,» commented spokesman for Transneft Igor Diomin.

He explained that oil is meant for a particular customer, if it is purchased. «And since no oil has been purchased, therefore it’s not entirely correct to say that it’s been intended directly for Belarus,» said Igor Diomin.

According to him, the management of Transneft hopes to agree soon on oil deliveries with the Belarusian refineries. Oil, which is now in storage, will flow to Belarus right after the conclusion of contracts.

State Concern Belneftekhim Gave No Comments on Situation.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Belarusian and Russian companies have failed the oil pricing dispute. According to a source in the Belarusian government, the issue will be resolved at the level of Heads of Governments of the two countries, Mikhail Miasnikovich and Vladimir Putin, but even they came to nothing in the talks on the price of oil deliveries to Belarus in 2011.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Belneftekhim Marina Kostuchenko said that the Belarusian oil refineries were providing domestic market with petroleum products in full, thus making the country absolutely sufficient in oil.

In turn, Russian oil companies insist on adding $45 more to the price of oil, supplied to Belarus. In Russia, this is explained by the growth in world oil prices, as well as by Belarus’ 12.5% «black gold» transit tariff increase from February 1. Russia was to have supplied 1.5 million tons of oil to Belarus in January.

Belarus can buy duty free Russian oil, as well as petroleum products since January 1. The Belarusian side has agreed with Russia on the possibility to import 21.7 million tons, including 18 million tons by pipelines, in 2011.