Russia Tries to Give Orders to Belarus' Leadership, Lukashenko

29.06.2010 15:26

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, believes that recent gas conflict is not just a dispute between economic entities and it is politically motivated. Belarusian leader stated about that in a letter to the chief editor of newspaper of the Communist Party of Russia, Pravda.

«Let us be frank: whether there is just pecuniary interest in Gazprom’s behaviour in whole this story? Whether a couple of hundred million dollars can be crucial for the financial position of one of the largest transnational corporations? «I am convinced that everybody knows the answer. The conflict’s background is totally different», the head of Belarusian state declared.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, gas dispute with Russia was «just some part of unfriendly policy, systematically carried out against Belarus in recent years».

«It’s enough just to recall the recent «milk», «meat», «sugar», «oil» and other wars. I’m not talking about carried by majority of Russia’s mass media purposeful line, which has acquired the character of real informational aggression», the president of Belarus stated.

«The goal is clear: to give orders to the leadership of Belarus, to make us realize concessions, harming national interests of the sovereign state, to get tidbits of Belarusian property», Belarusian leader stated.

There are fewer supporters of integration with Russia in Belarus, Lukashenko

According to the head of state, the result of such conflicts is a constant decrease in the number of supporters of integration with Russia among the Belarusians. «In Belarus we can see it and appreciate accordingly … The Belarusians’ attitude to  the country closest to us — to Russia — is watchful, expecting most unpredictable shocks», the president of Belarus underlined.

«We, politicians, can and must do everything to prevent fracture of fraternal ties and breaking of union ties, painstakingly formed over centuries by many generations. We can not sacrifice these values to realize personal ambitions and immediate interests», Alexander Lukashenko summed up.