19.04.2011 15:25

The Russian Government hopes other member-countries of the Customs Union - Belarus and Kazakhstan - will cancel reverting from daylight to standard time. In addition, such a step is expected from the Ukraine, said the first deputy chairman of Russian State Duma Committee on Industry, Valery Draganov.

Such a statement was made on April 19 before a meeting of the State Duma, which will consider the bill «On the calculation of time.» «This is an issue to be addressed at the second reading. We’ll ask our partners to adopt the same law. We have a very high level of cooperation and integration with these countries. It’s better to have the same approach to the calculation of time,» Russian newspaper quoted Valery Draganov «Izvestia.»

In addition, he said, it’s beneficial for Russia to have Ukraine cancelled daylight saving time, as it is seen as a possible partner in the Common Economic Space. Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has already registered a similar bill.

As Telegraf previously reported, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on February 8 that the country would have canceled daylight time by the fall of 2011. The similar issue should be solved in Belarus in summer.

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