Russian Died in Minibus Polatsk — Minsk

12.07.2010 13:38
Архив Редакция

On Saturday, on July, 10th, the citizen of Russia died of a heart attack in a minibus Polotsk - Minsk. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet district of Minsk inspects the reasons of death of the St.-Petersburg inhabitant, born in 1951.

According to the investigation, the death happened at 14:00 on July, 10th when the minibus had already arrived to Minsk and moved down Hamarnik street to the bus terminal, Sergei Balashev, senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Minsk, informed.

As the medicolegal investigation showed, acute heart failure caused the death, BelaPAN informs. «Also It was found out that the man was on a visit in Belarus since July, 8th», Balashev said.