Russian Diplomat Died near Vitebsk

13.07.2010 13:56
Архив Редакция

Director of special institutions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation wrecked in Tolochin district, Vitebsk region. According to the MIA, the victim died on July 6, as it was reported to Russian embassy. This information was spread by Interior Ministry just today.

According to Ezhednevnik, the accident occurred on June 27, but it was not officially reported about it.

On June 27, Russian diplomat moved in Mazda on the territory of Belarus. At 00:10, in Tolochin district, near the village of Ryzhichi, he hit an elk, run out on the roadway. After the collision with the animal, the car was seriously damaged. The diplomat was taken to hospital, where the doctors tried to save his live, but were not able to do that.