Russian MP Accuses Lukashenko of "Inappropriate Statements"

08.06.2011 15:39

Russian State Duma deputy Franz Klintsevich says that the remarks of Alexander Lukashenko on the media are "wrong and incorrect." "It's not accepted for a Belarusian journalist  to talk openly today, as he sees it. This is the norm in Russia. I do not know why the President assesses it in such a way, why he is advised to do so," he said.

«I think that the remarks on the press were wrong and incorrect. How can you quarrel with the press,» BelaPAN quoted the deputy.

He expressed the view that Alexander Lukashenko admits such statements, because it is dictated by the mentality.

In addition, Franz Klintsevich said that «there are some omissions» in official relations between Moscow and Minsk. «These omissions should be addressed to first persons. I have some claims to them as they make these omissions discussed at the household level,» he said.

However Russian MP said that the state bodies of the Union State are functioning normally, everything is «working well.»

As Telegraf priviously reported, May 27, President Alexander Lukashenko ordered to close foreign media working in Belarus. «Most of hysteria is in Russian mass media. I’ve been watching both «our» foreign media, become dominant due to the presidential administration, and the overseas ones,» said the president.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in response that the politician’s statement could harm relations between the two countries.