Russian TV Stories about Lukashenko are Criminal, Embassy of Belarus

05.07.2010 14:49
Архив Редакция

Spokesman for the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, Vitaly Slivka, considers TV story, shown in Russia on NTV channel on July 4, as criminal. "To bring blasphemous action against the head of state is unacceptable and criminal", Vitaly Slivka stated.

«I do not think it will favour the strengthening of friendship and understanding, and hope that these stories are not official expression of Russian leadership’s policy», the spokesman of Belarusian Embassy underlined in an interview to Echo of Moscow.

«This is guesswork, which is groundless, and a set of comments, thrown out of context», Vitaly Slivka said. However, the representative of Belarusian Embassy expressed regret that this story was released on the eve of Astana summit, where there was signed a number of documents related to the Customs Union.

In the story, NTV journalists accused Belarusian authorities of complicity in murders of several their political opponents: Gennady Karpenko, Yury Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Dmitry Zavadsky and Anatoly Krasovsky in late 1990 — early 2000’s.

In its turn, as Telegraf already reported, in response, official Minsk accused Russian TV channels in discrediting the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

According to a source, accompanying  Belarusian leader in his working visit to Kazakhstan, «some Russian TV channels, which are just nominally independent, but in reality we all know, how and who controls them, in fact poured a bucket of dirt on the head of state and Belarus, trying to exert unprecedented informational pressure».