Rymasheuski Tears Portraits of Dictators on TV

23.11.2010 15:49

Co-Chair of the organizing committee for creation of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski was the first presidential candidate, who addressed the electors on the First Channel of Belarusian TV on November 22. During his speech he tore the portraits of Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, brought with him, calling for the end of the dictatorship in the country.

«It’s time to stop terror. It’s time for the Belarusian authorities to be afraid of their people,» he said.

The candidate’s speech started at 19:00 Minsk time. Vital Rymasheuski, dressed in an elegant suit with a dark blue tie, placed himself for some reason in the corner of the screen. He spoke mostly in the Belarusian language, only occasionally using  the Russian language. The candidate’s speech was pretty impulsive and was accompanied by various illustrative materials. So, Vital Rymasheuski showed the phone number and the BCD web site address, where one can learn about the party and the candidate, as well as to ask a question or get advice.

Also the BCD head introduced the symbol of his organization — the sign of the Star of Bethlehem. «If you see this sign, be sure, it’s the «Belarusian Christian Democracy,» he said.

He gave the examples of Christian Democrats. Thus, as he says, three members of the party are members of local councils, in addition, BCD together with the churches has banned the magic and occultism in Belarus.

Rymasheuski Urged People Not to Participate in Early Voting

«A single person can do nothing in Belarus today. Our government respects only one position — a position of strength. We’ll be strong only when combined together, defending one another,» he said.

«While choosing the president, we’ve chosen the king, who does not want to leave this government, who cares only about his sons and the way to make his officials’ pockets full,» Vital Rymasheuski said.

According to him, it is important not just to vote, «the main thing today is not to allow the authorities to falsify the elections.» It’s necessary to vote on the election day only, as well as to become independent observers in order to achieve this goal, the candidate said. In addition, BCD co-chare invited people to Kastrychnitskaya Square on November 24 to meet with presidential candidates and gather again on election day of December 19.

Rymasheuski Suggests Creating 17 New Voblast

The BCD candidate stands for increasing the role of government; mayors, as he says, will not be appointed, but chosen. He also offers a regional reform, according to which Belarus is divided into 23 rather than 6 voblast. In addition to the existing regional centers there should be «Kobryn, Pinsk, Zhytkavichy, Mazyr, Rechitsa, Krychau, Orsha, Polatsk, Glybokae, Barysau, Maladechna, Lida, Smargon, Baranavichi, Slutsk, Valkavysk and, of course, my hometown  — Babruisk,» he said.

Vital Rymasheuski promises among other things, the most favorable conditions for business, which will be given the maximum social security, as well as power reduction of tax authorities. According to him, it will provide an opportunity to start a business in a day.

The politician also called for the abolition of duties on imported cars from Europe, a thrice decrease of the officials’ number. Loans also, in his opinion, should not be above 3%.

BCD leader promised not to interfere in the work of Interior Ministry. He also advocated the creation of the mobile professional army with three-to-six-months of service. At the same time he is in favor of the neutrality of Belarus’ foreign policy.

Belarusian Language to Remain Optional, Rymasheuski

The BCD candidate promised full religious freedom for the people of Belarus. He called for the return of all the shrines to believers, as well as for the transfer of vacant buildings for the hospice, canteens and Sunday schools.

As for the question of language and culture, Vital Rymasheuski said he would actively promote the revival of the Belarusian language. At the same time, he said, it would remain optional to use this language. Everyone will be able to get an education in the desirable language, the leader of Christian Democrats said.