Sannikov and Niakliaeu to Coordinate Their Actions

12.11.2010 14:35

Contenders for President of Belarus - leader of the campaign "Tell the truth!" and leader of "European Belarus" agreed to coordinate their actions in the upcoming presidential election. This was stated by the opposition politicians at a press conference in Minsk on Friday, November 12.

«Anyway, we’ve talked about this earlier. Therefore, it is not an accidental or spontaneous decision. According to all studies, there are now two strong leaders — Niakliaeu and Sannikov. And now the two strongest leaders have united. The coordination has failed with the weak ones, sorry,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said, Telegraf.

According to Andrei Sannikov, they have identified areas to coordinate their actions. «First of all, this is a joint fight against electoral fraud by the authorities. Further, this is a joint campaigning, because one person can not cope along. We will also coordinate our activities on the international scale, where we are quite alike,» he said.

In this case, opposition politicians have added that neither of them plans to withdraw from the election in favor of the other.

When asked about the form of agreement: written or oral, a so-called gentlemen agreement, candidates for president said: «We are gentlemen, but keep the paper in our pocket.»

Vladimir Niakliaeu also noted that there’s enough strength in Russia and the West to support them. «The «West-East» and «EU-Russia» game, initiated by Lukashenko, is losing. It leads the country to nowhere,» «Tell the truth!» leader said.