Sannikov can be Liquidated in Colony, Khalip

14.06.2011 15:26

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, convicted on charges of rioting, can be killed in the colony. This was stated by his wife Irina Khalip, who received a new letter from a politician. "Andrei wrote in the conclusion that there is a serious danger of his physical liquidation. He did not exclude the possibility of his reprisals in the colony," she said.

«Given that Andrei is sent to Navapolatsk colony known by its rigid orders — such a threat actually exists. Moreover, SWAT fighter Andrei Vasilyev, suspected of involvement in «death squads,» having killed Lukashenko’s opponents, is serving a sentence there. He or someone else may well agree on anything in exchange for early release,» «Charter 97» quoted Irina Khalip.

Monday, June 13, the woman was denied in legal meeting with her husband. It happened after the politician had written that he’s still a presidential candidate since Alexander Lukashenko had won no election. Since then, letters from Andrei Sannikov have become quite rare.

«In his last letter Andrei wrote that Lukashenko’s statement about the possible release of political prisoners, made in Kazakhstan, was a lie in order to obtain loans. According to him, Lukashenko is a coward, afraid of competition and he would never set him free,» added Khalip.

As Telegraf previously reported, May 14, the judge of the Partyzanski district of Minsk, Natalia Chatviartkova, sentenced Andrei Sannikov to five years in the reinforced regime colony. The politician was convicted of organizing mass riots on December 19 in Minsk. He was sent to serve the sentence  in Navapolatsk colony № 10. However, the ex-presidential candidate’s relatives are not reported on his whereabouts.

At the trial, Andrei Sannikov stated about the cases of torture in the KGB jail. In addition, the former candidate said that the chairman of the KGB, Vadim Zaitsev, had threatened the life of his wife and child.