Security Council to Report Lukashenko on Activity of Committee of State Control

18.06.2010 12:55

Security Council of Belarus prepares for the president the detailed report on activity of Committee of State Control and its power division, called Department of Financial Investigations (DFI). The large inspection of DFI, organized by Security Council, started practically at once after Grigory Veremko was appointed a new DFI chairman and finished some days ago.

All the department activity since 2007 was inspected. The report on DFI activity should let the president to draw corresponding personnel conclusions, Yezhednevnik writes.

New DFI director Grigory Veremko was appointed to this post on March, 12th, 2010 and replaced on this post Sergei Baranovsky, the colonel of revenue police, who worked as the head of the department four about four years.

According to the law «Of the bodies of Financial Investigations of Committee of State Control of Belarus», the primary objectives of financial investigators are protection of the society and state interests against criminal and other illegal encroachments in economic sphere, maintenance of economic security of the state. DFI is engaged in preventive maintenance, revealing and suppression of crimes and administrative offences in economic sphere, including corruption offences. Preliminary investigation and inquiry prosecution on criminal cases, conducting of administrative process are in its competence.