Security Council to Toughen Criminal Liability for Businessmen

22.07.2010 10:10
Архив Редакция

Security Council of Belarus has prepared and sent to the Presidential Administration its proposals to toughen criminal liability for business. It is proposed to introduce criminal liability for the loss of account records and strengthening the fight against false business structures and persons, whom such legal persons are registered on.

To the date, criminal liability for false business, under article 234 of the Criminal Code of Belarus, is applied for «state registration as individual entrepreneur or creation of legal entity without the intention to carry out business activity or activity under the charter in order to obtain loans, credits, or to conceal prohibited activity, or to conceal or understate profits, incomes or other objects of taxation, or to gain other property benefits».

The Security Council’s proposal is that criminal liability to be applied regardless of any purpose. According to the Council, it will help to combat registration of companies for a small fee on outsiders who only give their passport for it, and then know absolutely nothing what is the business of the registered structure, and in majority of the cases these are financial frauds, Ezhednevnik informs.

According to the Security Council, the activity of such false business structures is the case of financial investigation, conducted by Interior Ministry, KGB or Department of Financial Investigations of the SCC. At the same time, people, who give their documents for registration of such companies, are not under responsibility, what allows them to continue earning this way after being interrogated.

With regard to account records, then the Security Council is concerned about the cases of their extermination by businessmen, claiming about their loss afterwards, what makes it impossible to complete the investigation of many cases.