Security Council Wants to Dismiss a Number of Senior DFI SCC Officials

26.07.2010 11:06
Архив Редакция

During its inspection, Belarus' Security Council has revealed a number of violations in the work of Department of Financial Investigations of the Committee of State Control. Some high-ranking officials helped businessmen to evade criminal prosecution. Security Council did not initiate criminal cases on the fact, but guilty officials are recommended for dismissal.

In recent years, DFI SCC has almost doubled a number of cases, where the investigation was suspended. According to Security Council, it shows the growth of corruption in the bodies of financial investigation. During its inspection, Security Council found that exactly through the suspension of investigation influential officials of DFI SCC took out of criminal liability the businessmen under investigation. On the one hand, this scheme is legal, but on the other hand, it raises many questions for the investigation, Ezhednevnik informs.

In the course of the check, Security Council officers found that this scheme was used not only by middle-ranking officials, but also by the current head of crime investigation office of DFI SCC, Dmitry Adamovich.

Thus, on March 21, 2000, Dmitry Adamovich, taking the post of senior investigator, filed a criminal case against two businesswomen. On October 2, 2000, he suspended preliminary investigation of the case in connection with the search of one of the accused.

The investigation was resumed only nine years later, on August 5, 2009, and in two weeks it was closed because of the expiration of period of limitations for criminal responsibility. All this time, a woman, who was allegedly wanted, officially lived in Minsk (with residence permit) and did not leave the city. During those nine years, she has changed more than one place of work.

Furthermore, the second woman, involved in the case, was neither prosecuted. DFI SCC officials did not make any legal proceedings. Nobody has called her for questioning. She does not appear in the decision to terminate the preliminary investigation, just like she was not involved in the case.

Security Council revealed a number of similar facts. The cases were suspended under various pretexts: to have examination results, in connection with the search of the accused, to receive a response to international request, etc. Thus, the case was not developed, they were just forgotten for the period, after which the investigator could legally terminate the investigation.

Thus, for example, one of the cases was suspended for six years and resumed only after exclusion of the relevant article, two people were accused, from the Criminal Code.

Despite the fact that Security Council revealed all these facts, no corruption assessment was given. Businessmen, who managed to avoid criminal liability in such a way, were not interrogated on corruption ties with DFI SCC investigators.

Nevertheless, Security Council has already sent to the Presidential Administration a recommendation to dismiss several senior officials, but a decision on this matter is still pending. During the next month, Security Council to give a final assessment of DFI SCC activity over past three years.