08.04.2011 08:30

First Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said on April 6 that Minsk would pay $244.7 per thousand cubic metre of Russian natural gas in the second quarter of 2011(in the first quarter gas price was $223- Telegraf). Deputy Head of Government stressed that Russia's gas price was the lowest in comparison with the neighboring countries of Belarus.

Vladimir Semashko informed that Belarus and Russia are negotiating to conclude a new contract for the supply of «blue fuel» for 2012-2014, BelTA informs. Vice-premier called it a top priority, and noted that both parties intended to prеvent any gas conflicts in the future.

First Deputy Prime Minister also said that all the Belarusian refineries were currently loaded with raw materials by 100%, and the plants had faced with the problem of how to recycle all the oil, coming from Russia and Venezuela. In general, according to him, the Belarusian oil refineries should recycle 22.8 million tons of Russian oil and 4 million tons of Venezuelan oil in 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister said that new terms of oil supplies from Russia will let Belarus save more than $4.1 billion a year. However, Vladimir Semashko urged not to perceive the contradictions in the low cost of Russian oil and the rising oil prices on the domestic market. According to him, fuel in Belarus is more expensive because of the rising oil prices on the world markets that have risen up to $115-120 per barrel in recent years.

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