Seven Men Committed Suicide on the Eve of Women's Day

09.03.2011 15:37
Архив Редакция

Seven men committed suicide in Brest on March 5-8. Thus, patient of Baranavichy city hospital, a local resident born in 1951, fell down from the fourth floor on March 5. Two more men committed suicide on March 6 - in Berazouski district (born in 1975) and Kamianetski district (born in 1957). 

Their bodies were found in the premises, said the regional prosecutor’s office. Another two men — a resident of Baranavichy district, born in 1943 and Stolin district, born in 1959, — committed suicide on March 7. The same day, a man, born in Bereza in 1987, died, having shot himself, BelaPAN.

On the very holiday of March 8, a resident of Drogichinski district, born in 1967, was found in the courtyard of his house — he was hanging in the loop. Prosecutor’s Office of Brest voblast is investigating this fact.