Several People Detained on Suspicion of Terror Acts in Minsk

12.04.2011 14:47

The head of the investigation group on the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus, Andrei Shved reported on April 12 that law enforcement officers had detained several people on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack. The deputy prosecutor did not elaborate whether the detainees were suspects in a criminal case or not.

According to Andrei Shved, operational and investigative team are currently working out details on the detainees. In addition, the team leader said that the authorities would soon publish the sketch of the suspects, drawn up according to the eye witnesses of the explosion, BelTA informs.

Deputy Attorney General appealed to all those, who were at the scene from 17:40 until the moment of explosion on April 11, to assist the investigation. At the same time Andrei Shved warned citizens about the responsibility for spreading false information about the explosions.

Police Threatened Criminal Responsibility for Rumors about Blasts

Andrei Shved said that law enforcement agencies were carefully monitoring such information, and those, spreading rumors about the bombings, may be brought to justice, including criminal prosecution.

The citizens, providing law enforcement with materials or information about the preparation or commission of a crime, are guaranteed for confidentiality and adequate remuneration by KGB military counterintelligence.

KGB stressed that today «any information, relating to emergencies, including photos or video, made before, during or after the explosion, are of great value.»