Seviarynets Writing a Book about KGB Jail in Belarus

12.01.2011 15:00
Архив Редакция

Co-Chair of the organizing committee of BCD Pavel Seviarynets, detained in the KGB jail, is standing firm, praying and writing a book about Belarus. This was told by the deputy chairman of Minsk city organization of the United Civil Party, Oleg Korban, who shared a prison cell with Pavel Seviarynets but was released on recognisance not to leave.

Mother of Pavel Seviarynets, Vitebsk coordinator of BCD Tatiana Seviarynets, who has not yet been able to meet with his son, says that there is «little fresh news.» «I only know that Oleg Korban, released on recognisance not to leave, has been sharing a prison cell with Pavel for some time. I phoned Oleg yesterday. He told me that Pasha was standing firm, telling about biblical commandments and Christian Democracy, writing a book and  praying. The lawer hasn’t met with him yet.»
According to Tatiana Seviarynets, her son has received several parcels while in jail. «He surely got the first parcel, was very grateful. While in a prison cell, he found someone’s Bible. But in general, he is not very demanding for conditions, the main thing is to have a pen, paper and the Bible,» mother of the politician said, the BCD reported.
Tatiana Seviarynets also received a written response of the head of the investigative team regarding her request to meet with her son: «I refused, since he considers such a meeting «inappropriate.» This is a decision I’m going to appeal in the Prosecutor General’s Office, as it’s just savagery …,» Tatiana said.
As Telegraf previously reported, Co-Chair of the BCD Pavel Seviarynets, who was the head of the electoral headquarters of the BCD candidate Vital Rymasheuski, was arrested on the evening of December 19 and is now one of the accused in a criminal investigation, initiated under Part 1, 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (riots).