25.04.2011 12:21

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has extremely negative attitude towards the different kinds of "insinuations" on the explosion in the Minsk metro, said on April 25 Anatoly Kuleshov, Interior Minister. According to him, those who benefits from it does speculation in the media that the arrested perpetrators of terrorist acts on April 11 could not organize such an attack. 

«There isn’t any person doubted that we have found the persons involved in the explosion in a Kastrychnitskaya subway station. They produced an explosive device. Now there is the assessment of the evidences identified in the course of a criminal investigation. The President issued the challenge to provide as soon as possible qualitative, comprehensive, impartial investigation of the criminal case to have the final estimation in court,» the Interior Minister said at the online conference at the state television.
«I as the interior minister have no doubt that they are the very persons, who did that. I think that even after the trial there will be people doubted that we bring to justice the very people», said Anatoly Kuleshov.

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