Special Forces Blocked Center of Minsk because of Social Networks Users

16.06.2011 11:31

Around 18:00 on Wednesday, June 15, members of the Belarusian special forces and police blocked Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. It is known that users of social networking were going to hold an action of civil protest in response to the crisis, which is getting more and more acute in the country. Some central streets along with "Kastrychnitskaya" and "Kupalauskaya" subway stations were blocked as well.

The heart of the capital was full of paddy wagons and buses with police officers.

Around 18:00 a car with sound-amplifying equipment drove up to the square and a woman announced into the microphone: «Students of the University of Physical Education, go out onto the square.» Several dozen young people showed up and lined up in rank. They announced about their intention to rehearse the parade on the official Independence Day on July 3.

Law enforcement officers didn’t let journalists take photos, reports the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty.» Ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu was seen near the square speaking to the youth and the police.

Freedom Square was blocked as well. Police didn’t let anybody either there or at «Niamiha» subway station.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the action of silent solidarity at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk, organized by social networks users, is unauthorized, as firearms use is quite possible.