State to Help State-Run Media, Proleskovski

14.06.2011 10:53

June 13, Information Minister Oleg Proleskovski said during a meeting with the stuff of JSC "Kim" in Vitsebsk that the state would continue to support the media. "The press and TV are not a source of profit, they are an information source, so the state has always helped and will help the media," he said.

The Minister noted that «there’re no serious problems in the print media.» «The biggest Republican publications can be released to float freely — they will remain self-sufficient,» he said, BelTA informs.

Among the regional editions, according to him, 60% of newspapers are self-supporting. In this regard, the Ministry of Information is in talks with Shklouski plant of printing paper on the price of paper for newspapers.

As Telegraf previously reported, May 17, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree № 192 to provide financial support from the republican budget to the public media of the country in 2011. Thus, the state-run media, included in the special list of government, may receive grant for «public policies through the media.»