Stock Resources Amounted 1.92 Billion Dollars in Beginning of July, Belstat

14.07.2010 13:50
Архив Редакция

Cost of the finished goods placed in the warehouses of the industrial enterprises of Belarus, has made 5.79 trillion roubles (1.92 billion dollars) July, 1st, 2010. According to National Statistical Committee of Belarus, it is 266.3 billion roubles (88.3 million dollars) less, than in May this year.

The enterprises of mechanical engineering and metal working has still the greatest amount of stock resources at the amount of 2.5 trillion roubles (115,4 % of monthly average output amount) though it decreased by 123.8 billion roubles (4,6 %) in June, AFN informs.

The ferrous metallurgy enterprises lowered the amount of stock resources by 23 billion roubles (24.7 %) to 70.2 billion roubles.

The amount of unsold products in light industry practically didn’t changed in June and it was 582.6 billion roubles. The stock resources decreased by 129.1 billion roubles (10.3 %) to 1.1 trillion roubles in the food-processing industry and by 20.2 billion roubles (6.9 %) to 273.4 billion roubles in the industry of building materials.

Stock resources in wood, woodworking and paper industries amounted 293.8 billion roubles on July, 1st this year, having decreased by nine billions roubles (3 %) for June.

Stock resources increased by 39.4 billion roubles (7.7 %) to 551 billion roubles in chemical and petrochemical industries and by 3.5 billion roubles (9.1 %) to 41.8 billion roubles in energy industry.

As a whole the present amount of stock resources exceeds the level of the beginning of 2010 by 327.2 billion roubles (6 %). The parity of stocks of finished goods and monthly average amount of output made 60,7 % on July, 1st against 64,8 % on June, 1st and 67,9 % in the beginning of the year.