Strategically-Allied Relations with Russia is a Conscious Choice, Lukashenko

26.07.2010 15:36
Архив Редакция

Strategic and allied relations with Russia is a conscious choice of Belarus. It was stated by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. "Russia is our natural, historically formed strategic partner, therefore, developing relationships with other partners, we have never acted and will never act to harm Russia", the President said.

According to the president, at present Belarus and Russia has multibillion-dollar trade turnover, wide range of areas of interaction. According to the head of state, the establishment of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, should increase possibilities to intensify bilateral cooperation. However, Alexander Lukashenko noted that it was to happen only if the union worked in full, without exceptions or limitations.

It is also an interesting project (the Customs Union — Telegraf) for Syrian business, because in this case via Belarus Syria will have in fact unimpeded access to the 170 million’s market, Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

Nevertheless, the head of state noted that Belarus pursued multi vector foreign policy. In this regard, recently, the country has been actively developing its relations with the EU, BelTA informs. «Because the EU is a neighbor, whom we have extended our common border with, a major consumer of Belarusian exports, an important partner in a number of areas of common interest — from science and technology to combating common threats: illegal migration, transfrontier crime», Alexander Lukashenko said.

However, the head of state believes that the theme of dialogue between Belarus and the EU had a great importance in exacerbation of Belarus-Russia relations. «And it is more surprising that our Russian colleagues were actively urged us to establish good relations with the EU», the president underlined.

«The duration of relations between Belarus and Russia, our boundless belief in honesty and devotion of our partner led to that we have become dependent on Russia in raw materials, and till the last time it was almost exclusive supplier of hydrocarbons», Alexander Lukashenko said. According to him, Russia became to use it trying to promote its interests in Belarus, using the methods of economic blackmail for political purposes, using the tools of informational war. «But no diktat is acceptable. I hope, in Moscow they will understand that», the head of state noted.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus has always taken the lead and has been an active motor of integration processes, including in relations with Russia. «Frankly speaking, the Union of Belarus and Russia is alive mainly because it is Belarus who does not let this creative fire die out. We supported the establishment of the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan, though we understand that it is more beneficial for Russia», the president said.

«Despite the fact that Belarus has not felt any effect from this alliance, the Belarusian side took this step to develop the idea of integration», Belarusian leader added.