Suit of British Lawyers — Advertising Zilch, Lukashenko's Administration

10.03.2011 09:34
Архив Редакция

Head of Press Service of Belarusian president Pavel Lehki said, commenting on an article in the British newspaper The Independent, that British lawyers were trying to draw attention to themselves by means of Alexander Lukashenko's repute and the political exigence of the situation. According to Pavel Lehki, British lawyers' suit against the president of Belarus is an advertising zilch. 

«This venture have zero prospects. It is, in fact, nothing more than lawyers’ PR-action. It’s just a way to somehow draw attention to themselves by means of the well-known Belarusian leader and the political exigence of the situation. I think that the organizers well understand that this is an empty advertising zilch. But The Independent just bought into a cheap trick without understanding the crux of the matter. Personally, I believe that similar things only damage the image of serious publications,» BelaPAN quoted Pavel Lehki.

Earlier, as Telegraf previously reported, the British publication had informed about the intention of the leading UK law firm H2O Law was going to sue the President of the former Soviet republic, Alexander Lukashenko, for «systematic torture in the KGB prisons.»

According to the British lawyers, the basis of this argument is the testimony of hundreds of activists, arrested in the aftermath of «the disputed presidential elections.»