"Tell the Truth!" Put Its Name Down for Romanchuk's Program

03.06.2010 13:59

The leader of civil campaign "Tell the truth!" Uladzimir Niakljeu declared, that it supports Yaroslav Romanchuk's economic electoral program, who is the presidential candidate from the United civil party (UCP). "The campaign "Tell the truth!" completely put its name down for the economic program of Romanchuk ", - Uladzimir Niaklajeu said.

«Officially unemployment in our country is at the level of about 1 %», the leader of the civil campaign reminded this information during the presentation of the book «100 faces of unemployment». And Niaklajeu said, that actually the situation is worse.

«Sidorsky (the prime minister of Belarus Sergey Sidorsky — Telegraf) or some his assistant said, that we are to reduce about 1,5 million workplaces while reforming the economy. It is an official statement and it is very serious number», the leader of the campaign «Tell the truth!» noted, «Nasha Niva» informs.

«We can reduce the consequences of the reduction only by creating new workplaces. When Yaroslav Romanchuk was nominated candidate for president of Belarus, he presented the economic program, which solves unemployment problems,» Uladzimir Niaklajeu considers.

According to the leader of the civil campaign, the basis of the economic program of the vice-president of UCP is adoption of statute about small and medium-sized businesses. «That is about the structures, which create workplaces. Now we are collecting the necessary 50 thousand signatures to pass this law», Uladzimir Niaklajeu said.