Terror Act in Minsk: Media Not to Get Suspects' Photofits

12.04.2011 16:46

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus does not intend to publish photofits of suspects in the terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11 in the media. This was stated by Deputy Head of Information and Public Relations of Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs Konstantin Shalkevich. However, he confirmed the authenticity of the online distributed identikit of one of the suspects.

«Yes, this is one of the two photofits, mentioned today by the Interior Minister of Belarus, Anatoli Kuleshov,» declared the representative of Ministry of Internal Affairs and noted that its quality was noticeably worse than the original one. According to him, this may be due to the fact that the picture was processed in Photoshop or transmitted to the original source by fax, AFN.

The appearance of the photofits in the media, despite the intentions of the law enforcement to prevent this from happening, was called by Konstantin Shalkevich «an internal issue of information leakage.»

As Telegrapf previously reported, the Interior Ministry has already made photofit of two suspects in the attack in Minsk subway in the evening on April 11, which had taken away lives of 12 and injured over 200 people.

According to LifeNews, one of the terrorists is a man of Caucasian appearance of medium height in a blue knit cap with a high lapel. Judging by appearance, the suspect is about 25 — 35 years of about 175 cm high, of medium build, with round faced and stubble on his cheeks. Orientation on him has been sent to all police stations.