14.04.2011 15:18

The video, taken by the surveillance camera at "Kastrychnitskaya" subway station in Minsk, captured suspect of the terrorist attack. The explosion claimed lives of 12 people and injured around 200 innocent citizens.

Five People Prosecuted in Case of Terrorist Attack in Minsk, PGO

Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved reported on April 14 that five suspects are currently prosecuted in a criminal case on the terrorist attack in Minsk subway. «The two have been taken into custody — they are the direct perpetrator of the crime and his accomplice,» said Andrei Shved.

Deputy Attorney General, who heads the investigation group of the terrorist attack, has reported that investigators found a place where the explosives and a bomb, placed in a subway station, had been made. According to Andrei Shved, investigators have found clues, fragments and details of the bomb in the place of its manufacture, «which point to the materials of the explosive device and the time when it was made.» He has also assured that the bomb was detonated remotely, BelTA informs.

Bombs for Explosions in 2005, 2008 and 2011 Made by the Same Person, PGO

Andrei Shved has also said that the man who manufactured the bomb for a terrorist attack in  Minsk subway, had also made  explosives for other attacks in Belarus. «There is compelling evidence of the fact one and the same person had made the explosive device, powered in 2005 in Vitsebsk, explosive devices, one of which was exploded on July 3, 2008, as well as the second one, which was not detonated, but was left at the site of the crime, and another one, powered on April 11, 2011,» said Andrei Shved.

Perpetrators of terrorist acts, according to the head of the investigation group, have been recorded by one of the cameras. «Currently, we have enough evidence that the perpetrator of terrorist acts is one of those persons, who are currently in remand prison,» said Deputy Attorney General. According to him, investigations have begun to restore the range of those involved in the crime. With regard to the suspected individuals, Andrei Shved said the only thing that they were Belarusian citizens, aged 30 years, who had never had any criminal records before.

«Inspection of the site has been carried out more than once, including
the foreign experts. Emphasis was made on the damaged electric train for
the establishment of maximum evidence and the characteristics of an
explosive device,» said a spokesman for the Prosecutor General.

General Prosecutor’s Office Refuses to Talk about Nature of Explosive Device

At the same time a representative of the Prosecutor General refused to comment on the previous statement of the head of the KGB, Vadim Zaitsev, about the fact that the «unique and unparalleled explosive» was used in the explosion. «We’ll abstain from clear and concise comments in the interests of the investigation,» said Andrei Shved.

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