The CIS Countries to Create Common Labor Market

15.11.2010 11:53

Experts from member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States intend to review and agree on the draft Concept of phase-formation of the common labor market and labor migration in the CIS states in the CIS Executive Committee in Minsk on November, 16-17, 2010. This was reported in the press service of the organization Board.

The concept includes a system of views on the principles, objectives and stages of a common labor market formation, priorities and mechanisms of implementing policy in the sphere of social and labor relations. The creators of the document took into account an analysis of major trends, national and regional aspects of the labor market formation, socio-economic consequences of the decisions, creation of the legal framework of general labor market and labor migration, BelTA informs.

As noted in the CIS Executive Committee, the overall labor market will let rationally use the labor force in the CIS states; besides, the development of coordinated approaches to the formation of a common labor market and labor migration is an important condition for the free movement of labor, goods, services and capital. According to representatives of the organization, the overall labor market involves the formation of legal, economic and social conditions and mechanisms to consider the interests of CIS states — members and employees as much as possible.

The CIS Executive Committee also informed that the establishment of a common labor market as an integral and necessary part of a common economic space would be an important factor of economic growth of the CIS states. According to representatives of the CIS Executive Committee, the common labor market will mutually benefit to the promotion of the integration processes within the organization.