The Customs Union is the Largest Geopolitical Failure of Last Years, Severinets

05.07.2010 16:48
Архив Редакция

Co-Chair of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD), Pavel Severinets, named the signing of the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan as the largest geopolitical failure of last years. "Economic benefit of such "integration", internally contradictory, on the background of permanent "trade wars" could become a disaster for Belarus", the politician said.

According to Pavel Severinets, «temporary benefits from the Russian market, where we are constantly being ousted from, are not commensurable  with losses from energy dependence and Russia’s political diktat», Nasha Niva informs.

The leader of the BCD is also confident that national interests of the Belarusian must be corresponded with European economic integration.