The First Half of the Week to Be Cool in Belarus, Weather Forecasters

14.06.2010 15:48

In Republican hydro meteorological center reported that in the next days in Belarus there would be observed unstable cool weather with rains, thunderstorms and gusty winds. According to the forecasters, the weather without precipitation is to establish in the Republic only on Thursday, June 17.

«On Tuesday, the weather in the Republic will be determined by active frontal sections. There will be cloudy with clearings. At night, at most part of the territory there will be rains and thunderstorms, downpours in some areas. During the day, at the eastern part of the Republic, scattered showers, partly cloudy», Belhydrometcenter informs.

On June 15, the wind will be south-eastern changing to north-western moderate, strong and gusty in some places. Air temperatures at night will be +9 .. +15 ° C, on the south-east up to +18 ° C; +16 .. +22 ° C during the day, in Gomel region up to +25 ° C.

«On Wednesday, the territory of Belarus will receive an unstable air mass from the Baltic Sea. There are waited intermittent rains and thunderstorms. The wind is northwest 4-9, gusty up to 14 m /sec when thunderstorms. Air temperature at night is +7 .. +12 ° C, +15 .. +20 ° C  during the day», the experts reported.

On Thursday, June 17, according to Belarusian forecasters, the weather in the country will be mainly determined by the area of high atmospheric pressure. «It is expected without precipitations. The wind is western 4-9 m/s. Air temperature at night is +6 .. +11 ° C, +16 .. +21 ° C during the day», told in Belhydromet.