The Highest Percentage of Disloyal Employees Is in Belarus, MASMI Research Group

27.07.2010 17:09
Архив Редакция

Within the framework of an international study of satisfaction of private companies' staff in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in the Middle East, the researchers of MASMI Research Group came to the conclusion that the highest percentage of disloyal employees - 25%- is in Belarus. According to the researchers, in Belarus there also recorded the strongest growth of this index: +12% compared to 2009 (13%).

The second place in the list is occupied by Hungary with 21% of disloyal employees. It is followed by Russia with 17%. Comparing with last year, their share has slightly increased (by 2%), Vedomosti inform.

In total, the experts interviewed 1.540 employees in Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Cyprus.

Thus, for example, in Russia the proportion of staff, who consider themselves «absolutely loyal» rose from 32% to 37% over one year. The average rate of loyalty for all the surveyed countries has remained at a constant level and amounted to 57%. The highest level of loyalty is recorded in Cyprus (66%), followed by Saudi Arabia with 63%.