The Kremlin Not to Support Belarusian Opposition, Romanchuk

22.07.2010 14:21
Архив Редакция

The Kremlin does not support Belarusian opposition demonstratively, and "unlikely to support it in the future", the aspirant for presidency from the United Civil Party, deputy chairman of the UCP, Jaroslav Romanchuk, said during his visit to Russia. He said that intervention of "Russia's hand" in the course of the upcoming presidential election in Belarus was also unlikely.

«For some Belarusian politicians it would be advantageous to imagine that the Kremlin can bet on some almost democratically-oriented candidate, and to imagine that there is some European candidate, but there is pro-Russia candidate, and, of course, they should fight for European one. Among democratic candidates, I do not know anybody, who would betray Belarus, would do what a number of Russian chauvinists want from him», Jaroslav Romanchuk declared, UDF website informs.

In this regard, according to the politician, Moscow «will pragmatically seek what it wants within agreements signed by Belarus and also keep an eye on Lukashenko’s opponents, enabling them to communicate more actively with mass media». Nevertheless, the oppositionist believes that it can not be considered as support of any candidate, and even more, as a plan to change the authority in Belarus.

Jaroslav Romanchuk stated that not all experts believed that the show of «Godbatska» and «Godbatska-2» Russian movies as «unique visual signal for complete break up with Lukashenko». According to some of them, «they pull each ones hair and then make peace».

The politician also reported that Alexander Lukashenko had lost the monopoly on information about Belarus in Russian information space, which was associated with an increase of Russian political elite’s interest in Belarus. «Today, there is much higher demand for alternative options to develop relations with Russia, for alternative people, concepts, than it was before», Deputy Chairman of the UCP said.

According to Jaroslav Romanchuk, Belarusian opposition could count on the support of Russian partners and access to information resources of Russia. There are experts, analysts, consultants, who have been supporting democratic reforms in Russia and Belarus for a long time, the politician said.

Together with Jaroslav Romanchuk, in visit to Moscow there were engaged the chairman of the UCP, Anatoly Lebedko, and member of the party’s political council, Alexander Dobrovolsky. They attended the anniversary celebrations of Co-Chair of «Right Cause» party, Leonid Gozman. Belarusian oppositionists also talked with the CEO of Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, Anatoly Chubais, deputy chairman of Russia’s government, Alexei Kudrin, economist Evgeny Gotmakher, representatives of State Duma. In addition, they were interviewed on Echo of Moscow and Radio Liberty.