The Struggle for Duties in the CU Destabilizes Business, Mueller

28.07.2010 12:18
Архив Редакция

The struggle for import and export duties, going on in the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, destabilizes business. It was said by Board of Directors Chairman of AsstrA Holding, Frank Mueller.

‘Despite the fact that, in general, the Customs Union creates more attractive environment for business, the uncertainty, caused by the creation of a new economic space, gives the opposite effect. Business needs stability. Returning to previous conditions is better than destabilization», the head of international transport and logistic company said.
«If in Switzerland they plan some changes in legislation, then the government informs society about it three years beforehand. At this time, there held seminars, conferences, explaining what these changes to bring», Frank Mueller said, noting with regret that changes in legislation in Belarus are carried out otherwise, Ezhednevnik informs.

Nevertheless, the Swiss specialist appreciates the experience of work with Belarusian partners. According to him, the Belarusians cope well with equipment, «staying on the ground, but are not up in the clouds» and can work in other countries, having Belarusian origin. «If Belarusians and Russians offer me the same price, I will give preference to Belarusians. Because they have a little higher quality», Frank Mueller said.